An organization's brand is, or should be, distinctive, appealing and motivating to its internal and external audiences.

One of the most fundamental ways to improve your brand's image is to "objectively and accurately" assess how your brand is perceived by these audiences through a professionally crafted, statistically valid research initiative.

BrandSavvy is skilled at crafting "exploratory" research that reveals your current brand reality, which then directly enables development of effective brand strategy alternatives. BrandSavvy can conduct "validating" research to test alternative concepts, as well.

Our most common turnkey research initiatives are:

  • Focus Groups: Internal and External Exploratory Research or for Concept Validation
  • Brand Equity Analysis: Brand Awareness, Perceptions , Credibility and Elasticity
  • Brand Positioning: Market Segmentation and Attribute Analysis Leading to Message Strategy and Tagline Development
  • Price Elasticity: Price-Value Analysis that Leads to Opportunistic Pricing Alternatives
  • Customer Satisfaction: Customer Intercepts and/or Quantitative Surveys via Phone or Internet

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