Name Development

The most essential part of your brand is your name. Consumers form personal relationships with great brand names.

BrandSavvy has created compelling brand positioning concepts for dozens of organizations in various industries, along with taglines, brand stories, message platforms, core competency messaging and image matrices to support each organization's brand positioning.

BrandSavvy is adept at crafting corporate, product and service identities that raise awareness and drive revenue. Your corporate identity, as expressed in your name, should be thought of as a vessel that holds a larger set of beliefs consumers have about your organization, products and services.

Our corporate identity naming and design process is inspired, structured and disciplined, and includes federal and state trademark analysis, as well as common law reviews and URL availability investigations, to assist our clients in avoiding potential legal conflicts.
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Your brand is your corporate identity as expressed by your name and logo. Hearing or seeing your name is often the first impression one gets of your organization, so clarity of visual and verbal communications are imperative. BrandSavvy has won dozens of national awards for corporate identity initiatives.

Great names must meet this list of criteria:

  • Aligns with brand strategy
  • Brevity
  • Easy To Spell
  • Easy to Pronounce
  • Memorable
  • Relevant
  • Elastic
  • Legitimate
  • Never Abbreviated
  • No Negative Connotations
  • Legally Protected

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