Logo Design

Your logo should be a visual metaphor for the attributes and benefits of your brand.

At BrandSavvy, logo development is a structured process, whereby exploration of potential concepts to modify or replace a logo is a collaborative effort between strategists and design team members. Timeless and compelling logos are first strategic!

Solutions 2 logo
Mon Health Logo
West Georgia Health Logo
Haselden Construction logo
Metro Park Logo
Augusta Health Logo
ALA logo
Brian Olsen logo
Helix logo
Fastaff logo
DIPRA logo

Strategic considerations include industry or cultural idiosyncrasies, a color audit of the competitive landscape and an analysis of the most highly desired evocative responses. A range of initial conceptual designs – typically 30 to 50 – is typically necessary.

The initial pool of conceptual designs is pared to 7 to 10 for in-house customer research, or to present to the client. In some instances, clients identify 2 to 3 logo concepts for further customer research prior to a final decision being made.

BrandSavvy recommends that the final, approved logo be legally protected by applying for a Federal trademark for the “Design”. If the name has changed in conjunction with the new logo, BrandSavvy recommends an application for a Federal trademark for the “Words” be filed at the same time.

The logo should be developed in appropriate signature formats such as positive/reverse, stacked/horizontal, color/black and white, etc.

Finally, comprehensive logo guidelines are a must to maintain the integrity of the design as it is rolled out, and to ensure legal protectability by eliminating rogue embellishments or modifications.

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