Design System

Your design system – the overall look and feel of your visual communications – represents one of the most impactful opportunities to build brand equity.

BrandSavvy crafts design solutions that are first and foremost strategic, but also engaging and memorable. A cohesive design system enables an organization to use design elements, color, typography and imagery to consistently articulate a positive and recognizable brand image.

Our conceptual development of the thematic character of a design system is based upon our philosophy of "managed flexibility", which ensures an enduring, consistent family look and feel without boring, cookie-cutter graphics.

Forward-thinking organizations document their design systems in comprehensive Graphic Standards, which are typically 50 to 100 pages, and include not only design elements, guidelines and specifications, but also 25 to 40 design application templates, which provides a short-cut for designers.

Even more contemporary organizations, utilize a password protected, online Design Asset Management tool, such as BrandSavvy's Brand Control Center.

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Kenny Electric Design System Diagram
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