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First Impressions Mean Everything…Even Digitally

Solid eye contact, professional dress and a firm hand shake are known to be of significant importance when it comes to making a great first impression in the business world. However, the physical interactions of business are becoming more and more digital every day.

How do you maintain the same commitment to creating a positive first impression when your consumer can’t read your body language or hear the excitement in your voice as you speak about your brand? Do you realize that once a visitor arrives at your website, it takes them less than two-tenths of a second to develop a first impression of your brand? From there, it only takes 2.6 more seconds for their eyes to concentrate on your website content in a way that reinforces that first impression (“Power of First Impressions Online”, 2012). With so many distractions competing for their attention, how does your brand stand out and make its first impression a lasting one?

The appearance of your website is the most immediate and evident representation of your brand to viewers. It is important that your brand’s online appearance is accurate and reflective of your business. Does your website impact visitors in a way that will leave them wanting to stick around and learn more? Here are some things to consider when it comes to evaluating the ways in which your website may be attracting or deterring visitors.

  • Is your logo identifiable?
  • Are your navigation menus easy to use?
  • Is the written content of your page informative and engaging?
    • Provide answers to questions prospects will want to know.
    • Structure your content in a way that allows for easy scanning.
  • Utilize interesting media such as images, videos and infographics.
  • Create an interesting blog.
  • Showcase what is new and popular by highlighting your new content.

Source: Belicove, M. E. (2012 March 14). A New Study Reveals the Power of First Impressions Online

Written by our lovely Summer Marketing Intern Grace Buckley. 


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